We are very excited about a recent purchase we made, the purchase of our new PMI gun.  Montana Seals and Packings are in the process of adopting and integrating this new PMI gun into our routine inspections.  PMI which stands for Positive Material Identification will be used in our quality control standards.  This purchase was a necessary because it will help us keep up our standards on our products we sell to our customers. 

            MS&P will be using this to ensure that the quality of the materials in our gaskets, mechanical seals, and studs are up to our standards.  We want to feel good about installing or selling something we know has all the best material possible. 

            We decided to make this purchase because our suppliers and customers both have this technology and we wanted to make sure we were doing our part in selling high end products.  This gun checks the molecular chemical structure of the metal/materials in a non-destructive and accurate method.  MS&P will choose one or two objects from each batch of goods and run the PMI gun so we are still being efficient with the quality control in our facility but also staying up with the standards we set for the company.

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